At Ease handles the legal*, logistical, and personal components of moving someone from A to B to make sure the government, the company, and the personal are all happy.

*Disclaimer: We're not attorneys but we know a lot of them!

We also know tax professionals, realtors, movers, and counselors who could work together in making transitions smooth and stress-free.


Hiring International Interns

Found a talented college student or recent college graduate who is on a student visa pursuing practical training or academic training?




  • At Ease works with your team to ensure compliance with employment verification as well as with any special payroll withholding needs.


  • At Ease can assist with applying for social security numbers, finding affordable student housing, and interfacing with the sponsoring university.


  • At Ease provides resources helpful for students transitioning from academic to professional life, connects them to desired peer groups, provides useful advice on miscellaneous issues such as budgeting and professional development.


Retaining International Talent

Do you have a talented employee who will need long-term work authorization? Wondering what your options and obligations are with filing an employment-based green card employee?


  • At Ease helps you navigate the employment-based green card process and connects you with an immigration firm to submit the strongest case possible.


  • At Ease provides your company and the employee with a clear and useful timeline of the process to help set proper expectations, assists the employee with gathering evidence and materials for the case.


  • At Ease makes sure that the spouse and dependents that are part of the process understand their benefits and responsibilities


Mobilizing your Workforce

Are you relocating employees to a new country or a new state? Have you hired someone who will need to move for the position?


  • At Ease makes sure that your employees have the appropriate authorization or status to begin working at their new location. You are notified of the necessary compliance needs or regulatory changes.


  • At Ease serves as your relocation management company to find van lines or shipping companies that will safely transfer your employee's household goods while also addressing any family adjustment concerns.


  • At Ease helps with finding a home, opening new bank accounts, transferring prescriptions, finding appropriate medical and health resources, researching school districts as well as finding other resources tailored to the family's needs.

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